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This site allows Original Formulators to submit engine and elastomer test data along with composition, physical and chemical data for review by GM in order to be designated as an approved dexos® formulation. In addition, a 1-gallon oil sample must be submitted to the ASTM Test Monitoring Center for analysis.

The site also allows Blenders and Branders to submit application requests to General Motors and their licensing body for a dexos® license.

Licensed Blenders manufacture engine oil meeting the dexos® specification using previously approved additives and formulations obtained from additive suppliers. An initial production and yearly sample (1-gallon) will be required for the life of the license. Contact CCA on how to become a Licensed Blender.

Licensed Branders purchase fully formulated dexos® oil from a Licensed Blender and repackage the oil under their own brand name(s). Licensed Branders must comply with dexos Artwork Standards for product labels. Contact CCA on how to become a Licensed Brander.

If you have any questions please contact us at 412-365-1035

Click here for a list of approved dexos® brands